The Official Animal Kingdom Music Guide

Jun 15 2018

Can't get enough of Animal Kingdom? Check out the Spotify playlists featuring songs from each episode below.




Episode 1: The Killing

1. "Bella Y Sensual" by Romeo Santos, Daddy Yankee & Nicky Jam

2. "Chrysalis" by My Jersualem

3. "Raza Pesada" by Honcho*

4. "El Jefe" by Spit Hell Manuel



Episode 2: In the Red

1. "Trap" by Boaz

2. "Keep on Reaching" by Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds

3. "Drowning" by Two Feet

4. "Fall Out" by Hatin Tony

5. "Lying" by Foreign Air

6. "Searching For The Thief" by Lord Loud

7. "En La Calle" by Dicky Ranking*



Episode 3: The Center Will Hold

1. "Eva" by Ozomatli

2. "Guerrilleras Bang Data Remix" by LoCura*

3. "Three Bulleits" by The Temperance Movement

4. "You Terrorize Me" by The Dig*

5. "Contagion" by Cirlce of Dust

6. "Drop The Base" by DJ Spinowitz*

7. "How I Want It" by Shwayze

8. "Pongan Se De Frente" by Honcho

9. "Scrape" by Blue Stahli

10. "Me No Game" by Wildkin*



Episode 4: Wolves

1. "Little Thing Gone Wild" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

2. "Troublemaker" by Grizfolk

3. "Revolution" by The Score

4. "Freeze Me" by Death from Above 1979

5. "Water Gun" by Hatin Tony*

6. "Virgin" by Jet Trash

7. "Animal Eyes" by Midnight Divide



Episode 5: Prey

1. "Mekong Glitter" by Insecure Men

2. "Black Water" by The Dig

3. "Fire" by Micky

4. "Turn It Up" by Bat Fangs

5. "Civilian" by Wye Oak

6. "Tune In" by Lord Loud

7. "Burn One" by Rocky Dawuni

8. "Fatal Attraction" by Durban Poison



Episode 6: Broke from the box

1. "Anted Do Meu Fim" by Projota

2. "A Cor Que Falta na Bandeira Brazileira" by Z'Africa Brasil*

3. "Punks" by Fidlar

4. "Two High" by Moon Taxi

5. "It's A Trip" by Joywave

6. "Dead Girl" by The Blackmail Seduction*



Episode 7: Low Man

1. "Bones" by Datu

2. "Buscandola" by Luis Mateus y La Nueva GeneraciĆ³n ft. David Redon

3. "Step Ahead" by Dsardy

4. "The Background World" by Nine Inch Nails



Episode 8: Incoming

1. "Cryptic Black Sun" by Artic

2. "I Love You Will You Marry Me" by Yungblud

3. "Big Quiet" by The Dead Ships



Episode 9: Libertad

1. "The Devil You Know" by X Ambassadors

2. "My Name Is Thunder" by The Bloody Beetroots + Jet



Episode 10: Off The Tit

1. "Evil Things" by The Black Angels

2. "Gathering Speed" by Fu Manchu

3. "Glitter & Gold" by Romans*

4. "Lay It On The Line" by Triumph

5. "Loaded" by Miles Kane

6. "Scenic Route to Nowhere" by Salad Boys*

7. "Warrior" by Airwaves

8. "Will He" by Joji

9. "Black Out" by Trashclub



Episode 11: Jackpot

1. "After The Scripture" by Manchestor Orchestra

2. "Yo..." by Danay Suarez

3. "Love & Hate" by Kiwaunka



Episode 12: Homecoming

1. "Deadly Valentine (Soulwax Remix) by Charlotte Gainsburg

2. "Karma" by Dreamers

3. "Our Game Now" by Iowa

4. "Psycho Star" by King Tuff

5. Put It On Me" by Matt Maeson

6. "To The Grave" by Bea Miller

7. "Violet City" by Masionair



Episode 13: The Hyenas

1. "Be My Fire" by The Blue Stones

2. "Content" by Joywave

3. "En La Mar" by El Dusty

4. "Fever" by Thunderpussy

5. "Kids" by The Kooks*

6. "I'm Not From This World" by Nine Inch Nails

7. "Subaru Nights" by Insecure Men

8. "You Make Me Feel So Young" by actress Karen Hernandez*

*Currently unavailable on Spotify